I've been here before

It’s not the first place I’m creating to express my Aspie side, there has been two already, but I had a pretty limited output there.

There’s “limited in terms of volume”, as in my twitter account. You can find it there: https://twitter.com/friendlyaspie.

There’s “limited in terms of scope”, as in my Instagram account. I thought “what are people using Instagram for?” Food pictures, that’s what. Hence I opened an account dedicated to my meals, and I updated it every day or so for one year. And for that one year, I had the same salad almost every day. I was having that salad every day before opening that account, but it seemed a good way to show some people around me who were perceiving the diagnosis as just an explanation for certain quirks that it was more than that, and doing so was a good way to introduce people what “routine” means for me. Find it at https://www.instagram.com/friendlyaspie/[1].


[1] There’s actually a longer explanation of what it was on a Tumblr that will likely never be updated again

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