Indeed it helps

Silence here, again? Well, mates, I’ve been in a middle of a storm: I was picking up the lasts bits of the life I was planning, putting things in boxes, saying goodbye to my beloved cats and moving a thousand kilometres away. I’ve had no time to update the place, and wasn’t in the frame of mind to, anyway.

In those weeks since I last wrote here, I’ve had that group session. Sort of. The thing is that gathering a group of people who don’t like to be in a group is not an easy feat, and if the thing happened, there was only actually two of us, and the therapist. I found myself in front of a aspie girl, quite younger than me, with a recent diagnosis, and lost. And it was amazing.

I’ve read it so many times: “knowing a person with Asperger’s is only knowing one persons. Aspies are individuals and every one is different from the next. I couldn’t help but think about that while listening to her telling her story: I could recognize so many questions, so many difficulties, so many quirks, and yet, her story could not have been more different from mine. It was fascinating to discover how the same ordeal have unfolded in two completely unrelated directions.

Still, the questions were very much the same. The search for a proper self was there, the battle between trying to fit and trying to assert oneself was identical. With one gigantic difference: age, the maturity it brings, the experience in dwelling in those matters. The wuestions she has, i had them years ago, and worked on them, worked hard. It certainly doesn’t mean that I found answers, but I found directions, I have a much bigger bag of ruminations and cogitations about them. And I had things to say to her.

It didn’t even last two hours, but in those two hours, I found myself really eager to help her, to ease the burden, and to offer her pointers so that she could work better and quicker on her difficulties. And from what I learned after the fact, I did just that, it had been helpful to her.

And it had been helpful to me to be able to do it. I have to try and do it again where I’ll end up.

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