You're so vain (you probably think this IQ is about you)

I was browsing the Internet, and one specific area of Reddit were people collect quotes from very smart individuals; things like “I’ve got an IQ of 157 and was writing philosophical essays when you peons were still drooling in kindergarten.” My reaction is twofold:

  1. Do they even know what a realistic IQ number is?
  1. OMG, do I even remotely sound like that?

I hope I don’t. IQ is just a number, and by itself doesn’t mean anything. I know my score, it’s a good one, and yet I’m very easily outsmarted. As a matter of fact, just about every person I know is smarter than I am in may ways.

People bragging about their IQ of 150+ are liars, stupid (someone with that kind of IQ would know how unlikely it would be to find their peers being condescending on Internet forums) and more than anything else gigantic arseholes.

And even: being intelligent doesn’t make anyone better. IQ is one of the worst metrics to judge the value of a person. Give me kindness over intelligence any day.

My IQ, whatever it is, is just something I was born with. And I never understood how one can be proud of something given at birth.

Being kind, on the other hand, is something I choose and worked on. And it’s way bigger an accomplishment than being born good at passing logical tests. That’s where my pride is.

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